Kickboxing Classes in Dudley, Halesowen & Stourbridge

Get fit, lose weight and improve your self-protection skills

Kickboxing is one of the popular forms of exercise today, combining traditional martial arts and boxing to help you lose weight, tone up and stay safe.At Martial Arts Concepts, we teach kickboxing to adults and children in our three academies in Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge. What’s more, we’re now offering 30-days free training for you to try kickboxing too. Find out why you should take us up on this incredible offer below.

Why learn kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the most accessible martial arts for motivated men, women and children worldwide. And that’s no fluke. Millions of people have already discovered its benefits, now it’s your turn.

Kickboxing will improve your confidence

Kickboxing encourages self-discipline and improves self-esteem. Release the stress of your day with confidence-building training that has both physical and mental advantages.

Training will improve your endurance

Push yourself, raise your heart rate and improve your stamina with kickboxing classes at MAC. Give your body a cardio workout that will not only benefit your martial arts progress, but also help you to run further, play longer and work harder in any sport you do.

Get in shape and stay safe

As you lose body fat and gain strength, your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones from attack will improve. Kickboxing is an effective and accessible fighting concept that is generally regarded as one of the most valuable self-defence systems you can learn.

What you’ll learn

Are you tempted to sign-up for 30-days free training but want to know a bit more about our courses first? Here’s a quick overview of what to expect at a MAC kickboxing class. The Fundamentals – Learn the basics of footwork, movement, attack and defence. Discover a range of punches, kicks, knees and elbows that will form the basis of your training. The Essentials – Work with a partner to develop your timing, coordination and distance. Get to grips with grappling and feed your fighting spirit with essential core workouts. The Support of Professionals – Our team of experienced martial arts experts are on hand to guide you through new techniques at your own pace and answer your questions. Whatever your goals, our staff are here to help you achieve them.

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Testimonials - What our Students Say...

Michael Says "I would like to thank Sir and all the instructors and students who have welcomed me and given me their time to help me become a Martial Artists and a more positive and confident human being."
Craig Says "I’ve made many friends here which is all down to the friendly and warmly reception given. All the tutors and higher grades are always available for advice on techniques or just a chat. It’s a fun place to be!!!."