Martial Arts Programmes in Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge

Learn about Martial Arts and what they can do for you in the MAC Academies

A rewarding environment for you to improve fitness, help you lose weight and gain a firmer toned body while also teaching you to protect yourself out on the streets too.
Our current members taking part in the adult MAC Academies are improving their fitness, self-protections skills and learning to overcome challenges in working closely with a team of professional and approachable instructors within their own curriculum designed to ensure they get the most out of their Martial Arts Course.
The MAC Academies will help you set and achieve goals and give you the strength, confidence and determination to persevere even when the going gets tough, with both short and long term goals in your plan for accomplishment. With 30 days of free training to get started, arrange your visit to meet your Programme Director today and start your journey to Black Belt excellence.

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 Halesowen - Near Makro
 Stourbridge - Near Birmingham St
 Dudley - Near Tesco