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Reaching for a goal

How many times have you tried accomplishing a goal and found it much more difficult than you ever thought to start?

If you train in martial arts you will already know the advantages of goal setting. By learning a few general rules, much more can be accomplished and made easier.

Reaching your goal at Martial Art Concepts


Firstly, let me start by saying that achieving a goal is not as simple as saying ‘oh I’d love to play guitar’ or ‘it would be great to learn a new language’, or in the case of the fantastic journey you have already undertaken at MAC ‘I want that black belt’.

It is important to keep reminding yourself of the main goal, but it is so much easier to break that down into smaller, much more achievable goals.


 ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’


The more parts a major goal can be broken down, the easier it is to reach that achievement. Again, that goal doesn’t have to be broken down just once. In the case of your martial arts journey, if we talk the techniques purely, we can think of how that breaks down:

Jun Fan Gung Fu

↓                                         ↓

Punching                                              Kicking

↓                               ↓                              ↓                               ↓

Lead                           Rear                        Lead                             Rear


Obviously, this graph could be broken down so much further or even drawn up completely different, that is your choice on how it works best for you. Not only does this help you learn everything you may need, it also helps you track which parts you may need to concentrate on more. Everyone has their own strengths and weakness.

‘Work with your strengths, work on your weaknesses’


Every part must be achievable, otherwise it will create a sense of defeat. With each achievement, a boost in confidence that you can reach the next goal and eventually the original major goal. Even to the realisation that the original target doesn’t have to be the end. Always remember, the MAC team is always ready to help you reach anything you set yourself on your journey.


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