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Woman chokes out sex attacker with a triangle!

Hi Guys,

Here’s a story that hit the news last week, just goes to show that everything works and each technique has its appropriate place,training and a presence of mind may just save your life!

Fed up of starting over……. don’t quit!

There are five psychological phases of starting any fitness routine or lifestyle change.

The five phases describe how you are going to feel in the near future now you have made the decision to become a Martial Artist.

We have found that both the out of shape beginner and the experience Martial Artist develop their goals through the process described below. Continue reading →

What can MAC do for you!

So there you are, sitting at home, looking through web sites, watching television, drinking tea and eating junk food, wondering why you don’t feel to good, why you have energy to do the things you want to………

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    Coronavirus Latest


    We have been told by the UK Government that we must close and we will therefore follow that guideline. This will be tough times for our Academies, our different groups and our students, families and friends. We have a full and vibrant program of online activities ranging from video drills and skills and whole classes, to live Facebook, [Zoom if you don’t use Facebook, we’ll show you how to use the app] Q&A’s and information sessions.


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