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Attitude of Gratitude

Christmas is over and back to normality. Soon Christmas will seem like a distant memory and the presents that children have received become yet another normal item in their lives, forgetting the effort that others may have gone through to ensure Santa received the letters they wrote.


Its quite easy to find gratitude at times likes Christmas, its drummed into everyone from a young age “be thankful for the presents” etc. However, at times of normal life it can easily be forgotten or pushed to one side. The funny thing is though that these times are when we need gratitude more, it is when it makes more of an impact in our lives.

Let me explain, at times such as your birthday or Christmas, gratitude is expected and therefore its simply another normal part of day to day life, even though the days may be rather different than the rest of the year. But when we feel gratitude in other times, ones where you aren’t even expecting it, you get the pleasant feeling of genuine surprise.



Gratitude shouldn’t only arise when something good happens, it should be integral in everybody’s life.


Thank you is a simple set of words often utter by all people but how many actually mean it. Without purpose these words are meaningless. Always remember actions are stronger than words, showing someone gratitude is far superior. Some children don’t understand this, they only know that it is routine to say thank you, very much like any machine that you may interact with. Do you honestly believe an ATM is thankful for your service?


Gratitude is a lot like an avalanche. Let me explain, gratitude begets gratitude. That’s not the end of it either, not only will other people feel more compelled to be more grateful after being shown gratitude themselves, but with every effort of gratitude you show will bring forth more gratitude from yourself. It’s a skill and after all, all skills become easier with practice.