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MAC Chief Instructor Appointed Head Coach for English Mixed Martial Arts Association

We are very proud to announce our Group Chief Instructor, Paul Kelly, has been appointed as the Head Coach for the EMMAA (English Mixed Martial Arts Association) for the juniors and Senior teams.

This is an incredibly prestigious role and all the team at MAC are very proud of Paul for this achievement.

Paul is joined by Andrew Fisher and Christian Smith who have been named as assistant coaches and will work with various teams at forthcoming international tournaments.

English Mixed Martial Arts Association President Marc Goddard commented: “We are delighted that these three highly experienced, high-quality MMA coaches are joining us to work with our junior, youth and senior teams.

“Each of them brings extensive experience and will add considerable expertise to our already excellent coaching roster. The fact we now have such a great group of coaches is a reflection of the growing strength of MMA in England.”

You can read the full story on the EMMAA website here.

Bruce Lee – A life lesson


Everyone goes through life on their own path. Some try to follow the ways of others of course, and that’s fine as long as its correct for that person. Finding inspiration from great people will always help at some point. Bruce Lee was a great man with so much to learn from.

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Reaching for a goal

How many times have you tried accomplishing a goal and found it much more difficult than you ever thought to start?

If you train in martial arts you will already know the advantages of goal setting. By learning a few general rules, much more can be accomplished and made easier.

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Attitude of Gratitude

Christmas is over and back to normality. Soon Christmas will seem like a distant memory and the presents that children have received become yet another normal item in their lives, forgetting the effort that others may have gone through to ensure Santa received the letters they wrote.

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Anti Bully Week 2018

It’s anti-bully week across the country and MAC want to do their part. We strive to help people feel less like victims and provide the skills and traits that can help someone control the path they take.

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Traits of friendship in martial arts

I was reading earlier about friendship and came across an interesting article in a psychology paper.


The thirteen essential traits of friendship. The fact that people have decided that exactly 13 traits are required for a good friend is quite fascinating, or at least it is to me (you of course are free to think otherwise). So I have decided I will share this fascinating information with all of you and show you how it relates to all of us (including you of course) here at MAC.

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