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Back to school tip 2

It’s getting close to back to school time and many people are feeling the pressure. This blog is to give a few ideas to help you and your child through this time.

There are a number of characteristics children need to be effective learners and possibly the most important one is having a “can do attitude” or as we like to call it “the Black Belt spirit.”


Fear of failure is the number one barrier to success in both children and adults. When a child comes up against challenge we can often step in too soon to help them achieve the goal, whether it’s a tricky climbing frame or homework that is a little more challenging.


When your child tries something and doesn’t achieve the expected result first time they may feel frustrated or upset. Naturally we as adults want to step in at this point and make it better. However, this reinforces an attitude of if it can’t be done first time someone else will do it for them. This ultimately has the opposite effect of what we want in the long term, by giving them the confidence to face these types of situations and feel they can always try again if they fail, children will have a better attitude towards problem solving and completing tasks and have a better set of skills for any future challenges.


To help children become effective learners we need to take a step back, let them feel their emotions and encourage them to adapt and try again at their own pace. By encouraging an attitude that lets them know they can do it if they try again any associated emotions can be seen as a positive thing.


This also applies to older children and teenagers who may be trying to find their place in the world. Every adult has gone through this stage in the past and you may remember how confusing it was and how much a ‘can do’ attitude may have helped.


When they go into school and meet new challenges you won’t be there to help them but you will have given them the tools they need to meet that challenge and say