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Back to school tip 3

When we think of the best ways to prepare our children for school we think writing their name and recognising their numbers. What is school readiness from a primary school teachers perspective?

“The Government and Ofsted talk a lot about being school ready.  What parents don’t always realise is that the most important part of development in preparation for school are the personal, social and emotional aspects.


Being school ready means being able to sit and listen to a short story, putting on their own coat and shoes, waiting their turn and tolerating short delays. Using a knife and fork, hand washing and toileting. It’s about independence.


Research shows that may young children are delaying in what should be considered as essential skills.


Why is there such a delay?

It has been suggested that new technology is to blame. Smart devices are invading the everyday household at an alarming rate and to children many of these are just a distraction and drawing them away from a set of skills that they should be learning. It is seen that many young children can swipe a screen and log in games with ease and yet have trouble to communicate face to face.


Making friends is an essential part of school life, and giving your children a good set of communication skills and the confidence to do it sets them on a path that will bring them much more in life.


So what can you do?

Having effective characteristics for learning such as a can do attitude, being willing to have a go, asking questions and problem solving. These are the skills that help children to be school ready.

Limit the time that they can play games on a smart device and encourage other skills. Simply suggest  going to the park – if they learn to put on their own shoes it can speed up the progress that way they gain the skill and the ability to solve complex tasks. After visiting the park it can also help to make them realise they must wash their hands and change their own clothes without help from others giving them much more independence.