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Belief and the hidden power

What is belief?

Its actually quite simple to explain it:


Belief is an assumed truth



So why is belief so powerful?


In order to achieve anything, you must realise that it is possible. With this in mind,anything you put your hand to is possible.

Ill start by mentioning the blackbelt. I have met many people who have said they wanted to get a blackbelt, however so many don’t really believe they can achieve it. I will say right now, everyone has the ability to achieve a blackbelt given that they persevere and truly believe they can. Ask any blackbelt and they will tell you, all the way through it was belief that helped them when times got tough.


If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will


Why should anyone believe in you if you don’t bother believing in yourself? People will trust those that trust themselves.


Beliefs can be changed


There are so many negative beliefs in people’s minds, I hear them quite often. They come in different forms:

  • I can’t
  • I won’t be able
  • I’ve never been able


And those are the ones that are obvious. There are other ways a negative belief can hide:

  • They couldn’t so why can you
  • No one believes you can do it
  • Are you kidding yourself, you think you can do that?


Well the fact is that each of these statements has a positive alternative, and all you have to do is realise it. Once you learn to recognise the negative beliefs in your own mind, you have the ultimate power to be able to change your life in so many ways. Use that power to change for the better and you will never be disappointed in yourself again.