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Challenge – A better way to view

Challenge was the word of the week, but what does it mean to you? It’s important for you to challenge yourself to get you to the goals you want for yourself.

Why is it important to find and face challenges?
Why not just find the easy way?
How can martial arts help?


Why is it important?


‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge’


Without challenge you can’t test yourself, you don’t really know what you would do in different situations. People may claim they would do different things in a certain situation, saying they would find it easy to make a decision but rarely do these same people challenge themselves.

By challenging yourself you can better judge for yourself what would happen and make a smarter decision.

Challenges also help you push yourself to a better you. Without a challenge in your life you would never know your current limit. However with challenge you find your limit and know you can move that limit further and further, reaching higher levels each time.


‘If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realise what you can become’


Why not just find the easy way?

The journey to your goal of black belt can seem like a long one at times, but as shown in the goal setting blog ( this can be broken down into smaller goals to get to the black belt. There may be times when sitting down and telling yourself you can catch up another time seems the better option but this is where you should get up and go training. This is where it means the most, persevere ( Along the way each challenge faced makes a stronger you. It may feel a hard thing to start be with each success those challenges become easier, and better still you can aim for and achieve harder challenges.


How can martial arts help you?

There are constant challenges in martial arts, each of varying degree of difficulty. Each person finds their own personal challenges and it’s a fantastic feeling to overcome them and then find a new challenge. Your own personal journey in the martial arts means that you can overcome any challenges that you set yourself and use any previous experience to build a better you. The great part about the training at MAC in the martial arts is that there are others on the same mat that have either had similar challenges or just wish to help you achieve yours. As an instructor myself I set myself a challenge to help every student achieve their goals.


So why not share your challenges and this blog with others and achieve much more than you never knew possible.