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Get your confidence, don’t look like a victim

Self protection is much more than just learning how to punch and kick, if you look like a victim your more likely to be one. Here’s a few word to help


Let’s start with a tip that’s not covered by most mainstream self protection systems that only address the physical components of self protection, but one that if mastered will stop most confrontations happening before you even know you are in a confrontation.


Don’t look like a victim and you will not become one. Criminals look for a soft target not someone who looks like they may be willing to fight back. At Martial Art Concepts we will teach you how to carry yourself with confidence and strength, how to give out the right signals through your non-verbal communication skills and in your voice so that you project yourself as someone not to be messed with, or that if they do decide to mess with you they will at least pay for it.


As a member of Martial Arts Concepts you will learn the secrets of non verbal communication and voice projection so that you are a strong confident person that knows how to look after themselves and their family.


When we communicate 55% of what we are saying to people is through our body language, 38% is through our voice tonality and only 7% in the words we use, so over half of what we are saying to people and the rest of the world is through how we use and express our body – this can be a massive tool for self protection. This skill can be faked, but a good street predator will read this in you so you have to feel confident and know you can handle any situation that may arise – that means these skills have to be a part of you and they have to come from your sub-conscious mind. For that to happen you have to study these skills and practice which is why any of our lessons are so effective as you can practice the skills again and again whilst training along with having fun so that you build the skill into your sub-conscious mind. You become what is termed unconscious competent at a skill, this is where your sub-conscious takes over. If you are a driver you will have experienced this before – how many times have you been driving a familiar route only to get to your destination and realise you do not remember the journey and have actually been thinking about something else, but during that journey you have made thousands of small decisions regarding space, distance and safety. You just reacted or acted proactively to your situation far more efficiently than having to use your everyday conscious mind.


This level of communication is very prevalent in the animal world of which we are a part. You only need to think about the Alpha male in packs of animals to see it’s not always the strongest physically or the smartest but the one that just ‘is’ who is the leader. Sometimes this is seen in human confrontation especially between young males where you will see what we term the ‘monkey dance., Two or more males square off and go through a display of dominance usually starting off with name calling into shoving and pulling whilst making themselves look bigger than they are all this before a punch is thrown. Why? To test the other person’s confidence and will, but a good self protection practitioner would not have been engaged in this in the first place due to his non-communication skills and if it got to this stage he would have made a decisive action in the initial stages.


At Martial Art Concepts we teach the skills and abilities you need to become more confident in any situation. If you haven’t already, join us NOW and command yourself in any situation and defend against any potential attacker.


“When there is no enemy within the enemy outside cannot hurt you”

Ancient African Proverb