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Gratitude – It’s good for you

Gratitude can come in several forms, however in this blog we will discuss the benefits of incorporating gratitude into your everyday life.


  • Less Aches and Better Health

There is evidence showing that grateful people tend to have healthier lives. This could be a knock-on effect of being around friendlier people, wanting a better self, or any other number of benefits that gratitude brings. Grateful people experience less aches and pains and generally care about their health.

  • Motivated

Grateful people are also shown to find much more motivation in any task they attempt, this includes exercise and hobbies which most likely contributes to them being healthier as discussed earlier.

  • Less Stress

Due to the ability to find the good in things, and being grateful for what one has, stress takes a back seat much more often. Lower stress throughout means a better overall life, and a happier self of course.

  • Better Sleep

Simply listing a few things that you are grateful for before bed is shown to improve sleep, both in length and quality. Making a habit of writing 10 reasons to be grateful could lead to a well-rested and happier you, and who doesn’t want that?

  • Self-Esteem

People who recognise ways to be grateful also tend to have a much higher respect for themselves. Self-respect is a very important quality, if you want to be happy you must have self-respect.



Have you ever realised that the more something bad happens the more resilient you become? Have you ever stopped to think that this actually happens when something good happens as well? This is the reason many children and even adults seem ungrateful at times. If you received presents every day, would a birthday or Christmas present really feel that special? Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we have to keep this fresh and providing us with the ability to enjoy every positive thing that happens to us much more often than it would have.


All these are positives can be achieved by simply letting a little more gratitude into your own and your child’s life. A thank you is a simple set of words but without purpose they mean nothing.