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I believe I can fly – word of the week

The word of the week is belief but what can this be to you. Belief comes in many forms. Self belief is extremely important if you are to achieve anything in life.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

                                                                Henry Ford


Often nowadays people (especially children) become unmotivated if they have to face any sort of challenge. However without challenge you cannot better yourself or test your skills in anything. If you truly believe you can accomplish something you are usually right. The downside of course is if you believe you will fail you normally will.

Martial arts are about constantly challenging yourself and the fact is that I have never met a person that can’t achieve some level of martial art skill. With each success and help from a qualified instructor, self belief can change your life or the life of a child for the better and in so many ways.


“Man is often what he believes himself to be”

                                                                Mahatma Gandhi


The Lethal Cocktail

Low self belief, low control and fear of failure has been said to be a lethal cocktail to achievement. Scientific studies show that those who avoid chance of failure and low self belief show significantly higher levels of anxiety and pessimism. This also affects them in how often they achieve in anything they set out to do, showing a much lower success rate than those that are orientated towards success and have a higher level of self belief, higher control and lower fear of failure.


Social Freedom

With higher self belief comes higher self worth. With this security then it is much easier for that person to interact with others without the fear of rejection or being too worried about what others think.

Mood is contagious and with self belief comes a happier self. People are often drawn to others of similar mind set therefore a happier and larger group of friends. Happiness is not the only benefit from interaction though. A belief in yourself puts others at ease which ultimately brings forth trust, respect, value and co-operation, giving you a much more happier social life.