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Knife Awareness

You may have noticed your instructor mention knife awareness during your recent training.

Martial Art Concepts are currently raising awareness of the prevalence of knife crime, especially amongst children both in and outside of school hours.

Knife crime is a serious issue and is currently on the rise. My hope, with this blog, is to bring attention to facts that may be being over looked or under reported and hopefully more of you are kept safer and realise that there are some simple steps to increase awareness and have the ability to stay away from any conflict involving a knife.

Knife Awareness, increase in crime over years

A graph showing recorded knife crime in the UK over the past 9 years


Its not just adults

Any conflict can be traumatic no matter what your age. Can you imagine what it’s like for a child that hasn’t developed coping mechanisms. Adding a knife or sharp object to a conflict will immediately turn even an argument into a very serious problem. Knife crime is on the rise and police numbers are decreasing, because of this, finding ways to keep yourself and family safe are important.

Remember, schools don’t necessarily want to broadcast that they have found children with knives in their schools. This unfortunately includes primary schools.


Bully or bullied

The stereotype of a hooded teenager on a dark night with others aren’t the only type who carry knives. In fact, quite often knives are found being carried by victims of bullying. They think the addition of a blade will keep them safe. Unknown to them though is that simply using threatening language while possessing a knife is a very serious crime. Therefore inevitably this will lead to the police being involved.


Knife Awareness - Areas of knife crime

A graph showing knife crime incidents in different areas of the UK


Many of the knives carried by children are actually kitchen knives taken directly from their own homes, something as simple as checking the cutlery draw could help make sure your child doesn’t make a poor decision. A few other things that may help are;

  • Talking to your child.
  • Keeping in touch with the school.
  • Giving a child a way to talk to you without repercussions.
  • Know what to do if your child says they are being bullied.
  • Educate your child about the physical and emotional effects of knife crime.


Firstly education is the key. Making everyone aware of the dangers of knife crime, helping them understand. Staying quiet is not always a good thing and speaking out could help save a life. The impact of a knife crime doesn’t just affect the one person. Bringing awareness to the front of your mind will inevitably keep you and your child safer.