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Meet Mat Tolley – The new Chief Instructor at our Stourbridge Academy

My name is Mat Tolley and I am the newly promoted chief instructor here at the Stourbridge academy – the newest in the MAC group.

Seventeen years a student and counting!

I have been a student of MAC for nearly seventeen years and a black belt instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts for the past ten. This means I am qualified to teach Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kick Boxing Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kali and MMA to the highest of standards.

At the Stourbridge academy we have one of the best martial arts centres in the country; there are two fully matted training areas, changing rooms and viewing areas for families to watch the classes – offering a warm welcoming atmosphere and a safe training environment.

One of the training areas inside the stourbridge academy.
One of the training areas inside the stourbridge academy.

What I love about being Chief Instructor!

The best part of my role is seeing and helping students achieve their goals, seeing them grow in confidence both in and out of the academy. This is the ethic of MAC; we are here to make better people, to help people reach their goals and potential whether that be more fitter, more confidant or more respectful and even more besides.
My fellow instructors are my friends and training partners, we work together, grow together and learn together.
I try and make all of my classes’ fun, as I believe that people learn in a happy atmosphere so that the students get the most out of their training, be they young or old.