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Shoes Off Syndrome, An Explanation

The Shoes off Syndrome

This is probably one of the most common “illnesses” in the whole world. Yet it is not recognised by doctors, nor published in any medical journals. Yet I bet nearly everyone reading this has had “shoes off syndrome”.

Perhaps another way of putting it is, “I can’t be bothered”. Yes we all have it, we may be tired, and we may have to do something that is uncomfortable. It could be a work out, it could be taking the dog for a walk, and it could be taking the kids to play on the park. You have had a long day, a tough day, days where things haven’t gone well for you?

This is the time when the positive power of the brain can overcome shoes off syndrome.

Let me first explain my theory of it. Shoes off syndrome is when you get back in from work or school, you sit in your favourite chair, with a nice hot drink. You turn the TV on and you start to watch the negative stuff on the news, or the mind numbing game shows. You would like to go out to train, or for a walk with the dog…… but hey you are now into the quiz show, will they win the jackpot? So you watch to the end, now it’s too late to go out, have another cuppa, and get even more comfy in your big chair.

Now it’s time for bed, you don’t feel too good. You have the day running through your mind. Your body is now starting to go “Why didn’t you go out!?” You now wish you had of. Too late now, perhaps tomorrow? Tomorrow means never.

OK so there is the syndrome, some people get it worse than others. The way around it is to not take your shoes off when you get home. Obvious? Yes but before then, first thing in the morning, tell yourself what you are going to do when you get home that night. Tell yourself over lunch, then again on the way home. You will then look forward to it without having to think about it and BANG it will happen. You will feel fitter and better and happier for doing it.

Some call it PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. I just call it, being happy!

Make the right choices.