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Welcome to the MAC Academies Blog

Welcome to the MAC academies new blog – “we’ve resisted modern technology for long enough” says our Group Chief Instructor Paul Kelly…

“It is my hope that this blog becomes the discussion point and in some part, a knowledge base for our students, families and friends. Martial art pervades my life, I am fortunate enough to live everyday of my life connected in some way to Martial Art, whether I am sharing my knowledge with our Instructor team, teaching a class or discussing the business of martial art with a friend or even continuing my own “quest to be the best” by training with one of my own world class instructors. My wife and children are involved and my best friends are martial artists, that sounds a bit obsessive when I write it down but the truth is it feels as normal as walking for me to be in this position!”

“MAC has developed over 18 years or more to become a leading group of academies with thousands of local people trying our classes either in an academy such as , Halesowen, Stourbridge or Dudley or through our long association with local primary and secondary schools. Our Warrior Scholar Program is one of the only programs accredited by a Chartered Psychologist. We have shared our art with businesses and organisations such as the NHS as well as trained fighters from local to international level.”

“We teach martial art from some of the Worlds leading instructors in JKD, Kali, BJJ, CSW, Thai Boxing, Jun Fan and boxing. Our goal is to be the best at developing martial art for all our students, current and future. My own instructors include Guro Dan Inosanto, Sifu Rick Young, Sensei Erik Paulson, Professors’ Victor and Braulio Estima, Senior ABA Boxing Coach Tommy Thomson as well as may other top martial artists I have had the honour and privilege to train with.”

“Fundamentally, Mind, Body and Spirit are evoked by the martial artist, the training of the Body for fitness, flexibility, strength and all round health. Mind to develop discipline, self respect, personal integrity, goal setting and the true strength of unity of the two and Spirit to bring the calmness of focused meditation, moving mindfulness in the moment and the spirit of learning, the true fighting spirit to protect the weak and the fierce fighting spirit to conquer our enemies both internal and external.”

“I look forward to sharing my personal experience and that of all the members of TEAM MAC, your comments and questions are welcome and we will do our best to share as much information as we can.”

Thank you all for your support so far, the journey in front of us is for all to share…
Paul Kelly
Group Chief Instructor