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What do YOU wish to achieve!


There’s an old song, it goes something like, if you want to be the best, if you want to be the best, dedication what’s you need……

Have there ever been truer words spoken?

Everything we do in life requires some form of dedication. Let’s have a look at nature, a new born horse. Most of us have probably seen film of one being born, lying on the floor. It’s there, resting, tired and probably shocked, then something takes over, its survival instinct. It tries to get to its feet, it falls over, again it struggles, but one of its legs gives way, back down on the ground. Again it tries, this time it makes it. It took dedication to keep going, fall down ten times, and get up eleven. That’s extreme dedication as it’s a pure survival instinct.

So how can we use the same theory in our everyday lives? First thing, what do we wish to achieve? For some it could be a steady home life, a secure career or job. It could be weight  loss, or getting fitter. It could be something as simple as having more time to do the things you wish.

How does that require dedication? Perhaps another way of putting it is focus. If you set yourself a target then you have a goal to achieve. The question is though, what is your goal? It must be realistic. For instance, “I wish to win the lottery but can only put £1 on a month”. Is that realistic? Probably not, and definitely something you cannot control.

It’s the same with the Martial Art. The Black Belts in the academies have shown dedication, not for a day, or a week or a month, but over a sustained period of time. The instructors have gone further; they have achieved their Black Belts but then also undergone extra training, travelling to seminars around the country and also around the world, in their own time and expense to get further knowledge to pass onto their students. The best thing? They are still dedicated.

A steady career? Then the way to do that is find a job that you enjoy, then seek  the right opportunities, take the right training courses,  put extra time in by getting further education in your own time and at your expense. That’s dedication, you know what you wish to achieve and you are going for it. Dedication.

Weight  loss. The big one! That also requires dedication. Breakfast, grape fruit. Lunch, cracker bread. Tea, McDonalds, then pizza then a bottle of wine!!! That’s more flash in the pan then dedication.

Dedication requires a focused plan that you stick to. The ability to be balanced, plan and achieve. Sitting down, looking at how much weight you wish to lose, then looking at the best plan, more exercise, less fatty foods, then sticking  to plan, being focused on and dedicated to it.

MAC Academies, Dedicated To Your Success in Martial Art and Life.

The rest is up to you, we can help you achieve your goals and targets, we can offer encouragement and support. However, we both must know the plan and more importantly stick to it!