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Words mean more than their meaning

Some words are very important in martial arts and can be used in different ways, so this blog is about a few thoughts that you may not have thought of.



The pen is mightier than the sword, bet you weren’t thinking that when reading a martial arts blog. But to tell you the truth it’s the first quote I thought of when writing this blog.

Pens are associated with words, and words can be used in powerfully positive and also negative ways, which from depending on the point of view can be either.


If you haven’t already noticed in all 3 academies there are several words written in huge letters, all of which are positive aspects of a person’s growth throughout their martial arts journey at MAC.



But what inspired this blog?

Well, the black belt grading is this week and I still remember all my black belt gradings. These words above are important and no one can disagree, but words can be simpler. I talk of the ways just a simple kind word of encouragement or praise can help someone. In the case of this paragraph, the black belt.

If you haven’t already graded for your black belt then you will understand when you achieve that right to grade. You will appreciate so much just the simple words said by another.

You may not even realise this but a single positive comment can make all the difference. The black belt grading in particular is one of the most nerve racking, the only other level as worrying being the very first. So, in this I urge you to encourage those that grade before or after you.


This so far has been about positive words, and as we all know negative words have a huge impact too. But here is one of the wonders of words, they can be rearranged into a positive comment. Simply thinking before you speak can change a life, and the surprising benefit is that it will most likely change yours for the better too.


So, if you see a black belt candidate before their grading just offer a positive word, there’s a good chance they will offer you one too when it comes your time.


“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”